About P.P.F.A.

Our Mission

We will do our best to share the beauty of this great town with the hopes of inspiring you to get out and explore it on your own.

Who We Are

We are Jeff, Jackie, and our little fella. Nice to meet you :)

Our Story

For many years now, we have run a website called Get Outside NJ. This site is a lot of fun for us, but the GoNJ audience does not enjoy the Point Pleasant centric posts that we shared throughout the year. Over time we found ourselves posting less local content and just stuck with wider, more generic posts. It almost started to lose its luster.

A few years back, we had our first child. He is fantastic but takes up all our free time. And when exploring with him, we stop in at playgrounds, or ice cream shops or things that hiking folks do not honestly enjoy. So we yet again posted less.

In early 2019 the Rt. 35 bridge was open, and we had some time to look around. It was just before sunset, the sky was breathtaking, and boats were zipping up and down the river, other drivers had their windows down enjoying the sight as well. All of a sudden, it hit me...

This... Place... Is... Amazing.

I started thinking about all the beautiful things we have experienced around town and all the things we have yet even to find. And imagine all the things that our little guy will experience here?!

It brought that urge to write and share and tell the world about this little not-so-hidden gem of Central NJ :)

Our Goals

I am not a good writer, nor do I feel I am very entertaining. But I do have a passion for getting folks off their buts and out on an adventure. We'll do this by sharing 2 or 3 posts a month covering some of the following:

  • Local parks
  • The boardwalk
  • Places to swim, bike, hike, kayak, and get outside
  • Great businesses around town
  • Fun events going on around town
  • Some town history
  • How to give back to the community

We are a very outdoorsy family, and most of our posts will focus on being outdoors. We will also visit historical societies, museums, local shops, and more.

We do not want to focus on negativity. And will most likely stay away from politics. There are enough FB groups and other sites where you can find all that drama.

Advertising, Bartering and Affiliate Links

As you may notice, we do include ads and have a few Amazon Affiliate links around the web. We also may trade something with a local business for a mention on our site. We will always try to be clear when this is the case. But we will also be honest. A trade or payment in any way does not sway our reviews. We will always be fair, open, and honest with this.