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Roller Skating Rinks around Point Pleasant

Families looking for a delightful way to spend time together can't go wrong with a trip to a local roller skating rink. Roller skating offers a blend of fun, fitness, and nostalgia that appeals to all ages, making it the perfect family activity. Many rinks host themed nights, from retro 80s music evenings to modern pop hits, ensuring that every family member gets a chance to groove to their favorite tunes. Plus, the rink's vibrant atmosphere, complete with colorful lights and a bustling snack bar, adds an extra layer of excitement to the outing.

Though we LOVE skating, there is not one in town. You will need to drive a bit, but it will be worth it!

Roller Skating in and around Point Pleasant Beach!

The 1 locations below are found within 15 miles from downtown Point Pleasant Beach

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United Skates Jackson

1: United Skates Jackson

United Skates of America is Open in Jackson, NJ! Bring the family and experience the Fun. Enjoy skating for all ages, arcade games, cafe, birthday parties, and special events.

2270 W County Line Rd,, Jackson Township, New Jersey

11.91 miles from downtown PPB


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