Here comes Spring in Beaver Dam Creek County Park

Here comes Spring in Beaver Dam Creek County Park

At a Glance

  • We took a fun walk in Beaver Dam Creek County Park in Point boro this past spring.
  • The park has walking trails around the park. Though not long, they are nice to explore. And the boardwalk part of the trail is beautiful!
  • There is a picnic area (with grills), and 3 playgrounds for a nice family afternoon.
  • The are many areas for activities. you will find a soccer and baseball field, tennis courts, 3 playgrounds and an open play area (field).

Walking in the local park with a different type of boardwalk... Beaver Dam Creek County Park.

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Lots of Stoping

Starting Point: 3430 Bridge Avenue, Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742 Directions
We parked right in the main lot in the park, near the tennis courts.
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Here we go!

Here we go!

What a beautiful spring day we had for a small walk in Beaver Dam Creek County Park. The birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, it was perfect!

We parked in the main parking lot, right near the first playground/tennis courts. We followed the paved path past the courts and the bathroom facility. This path eventually turns into a wide dirt/mulch path bringing you past the baseball field and eventually to the on-leash "dog-park".


Not an Off-Leash Dog Park

There is a debate between some folks on what this field is used for. Some call it a "Dog Park". It is not. Though there is a fence on the side of Rt 88, it does not go all around. If your pup got away they could run pretty far heading towards a busy road, another busy road, or a muddy marsh.

I will say that the confusion here comes from the park system directly. I feel it used to be a dog park followed by being labeled a "dog area". This is now called an"Open Play Area". But when here the exits from the field have signs that say"Leash All Dogs". This could imply to some folks that if I need to leash outside that area, that inside the area leashes are not required.

If you bring your pups here please just keep them on leash.


To the Boarkwalk

After entering the leashed dog area, you will continue past the field to the far right corner. here you will find the start of the boardwalk.

The boardwalk starts as a raised trail over a rather muddy section. This will eventually turn to the left and bring you out to the marsh/near the river.

I will mention here that you can not actually see the river. Instead, you will see some tidal pools of water in a super marshy area full of tall cattails, grasses, and other water-loving vegetation.


Back to dry land

The boardwalk eventually wraps back around onto dry land within the park. We turned left onto the main trail, following that past 2 playgrounds and eventually back to our parking area.


Wrapping this up

Though we only did 0.4 miles, we always have a fun time playing and going for a walk.

Overall, this is a very nice park for anyone in the area. The facilities are nice and well maintained. There are a few picnic areas with charcoal grills that we often see folks using. There are 3 playgrounds, but one of them is rather dated and kinda rusty. But the other 2 are fun. Definitely worth a visit.

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Beaver Dam Creek County Park

Beaver Dam Creek County Park

Beaver Dam Creek County Park is located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and offers tennis, a baseball field, a soccer ...

3460 Bridge Avenue,, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742


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