Spooky Halloween Lights Around Point!

Spooky Halloween Lights Around Point!

Looking for some spooky Halloween lights around Point! We found a few that you should visit this October!

Our family loves to see the decorations of any season throughout our town. This Halloween was no different! Over the last few weeks, we have been driving up almost every road with some type of decoration to find the best areas. We found some scattered around Beach, and some towards nelly Bennet in Boro, but found the bulk of the bigger decorations on Boro.

Please Note: Since we don't have specific permission to give addresses, we are just sharing the general areas for you to find on your own.

Here we go...

  • Near Crystal Point - Just off River Rd, towards Crystal Point, you may just find a super spooky set!

  • Behind St Martha's - The hills around St. Martha's are filled with the sound of... Halloween! You will find many nice and creative setups and a super spooky one as well.

  • Near Stop and Shop - On a road just past Stop and Shop, you may or may not find one of the more elaborate setups this season :)

  • Near 88 and Beaver Dam - Drive a short bit down Beaver Dam Rd and you may find a HUGE skeleton on a creepy corner.

  • Near Riverfront Park - Find the park... find the spooky!

A map to help...

Did we miss any!? If you know of any, please let us know! Also, we hope to do the same for Christmas this year! Keep following our site and our socials for more info!

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